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Economical Personal Luxury : Relaxation Beautification Wellness
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Your invitation to a delightful Le Masaje private spa experience.
Additional services include refreshed and renewed personalized facials,
dreamy bodyscrubs and smooth hair removal.
You will leave glowing, LM calls it A New You Experience…

Classic: Relaxing Swedish
Deep: Fusion Including Elbow & Forearm
Mystical: Healing Gemstones
Unique: French Bamboo
*All Massages Include Aromatherapy, Warm Towel & Bottled Water
Caution: Massage Services Are Not Recommended For
Clients on HBP, AntiInflammatory Meds, Open Skin or Skin Conditions, Early Pregnancy,
Diabetic, Osteoporotic, Circulatory, Cardiac Conditions or If In Any Serious Pain

60, 75, 90Minute Sessions Available

Le Classic Personalized European Facial/$49
Deep Cleansing, Steam, Exfoliation Scrub, Extraction, Masque, and *Finish (Toner, Moisturizer and SPF)
Dreamy Exfoliating & Conditioning Full BodyScrub/$59
Flavor of the Month

Delicious FootScrub/$10
Added to Your Personal Massage

*All Facials Include a Hand or FootRub and BodyButter Post BodyScrubs

Complete Square Super Furry Back/$88 • Rows/$22 • Patches/$11 • Ears/$15 • Nose/$10
*M/F Waxing Rates Lowered Based on Furriness and Sq. In Area

Sphynx $49/All • Brazilian $39/Top Cover • American $29/Not Middle • Bikini $19/Lines
• HappyTrail/$10 • UU/$15 • Face/$25 • Brows/$15 • Stache/$10 • Chin/$7 • Nose/$7 • Full Legs/$49 • Toes/$5
Caution: No Waxing While On Blood Thinner, Skin Meds, Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Glycolic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy,
Skin Treatments, Peels, Dermabrasions or Sunburned

Done The Old Fashioned Way…Call

Thank You and Have a Lovely Day
9 5 4 . 9 3 7 . 1 0 9 7
Private Downtown Hollywood Office Suite With Ample Parking
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